I recently moved my entire apartment into a Manhattan Mini Storage unit. Over the years I have had a number of storage units with several different companies. Generally my search criteria for a company consisted of location and price- price generally being the ultimate deciding factor. But this time around things went a bit differently and it’s all due to the brilliance of MMS’s marketing and quality. The surprising decision to go with the more expensive option got me thinking about how much we actors can learn from the brilliant MMS business model. So here it goes:

1. Memorable Marketing- If you live in New York you have undoubtedly seen the quirky MMS posters and billboards. They are everywhere and unlike anything else. For those non-New York readers, here are some examples of their work:

Obviously these posters, and most of their posters have little to do with storage and perhaps that’s why they grab our attention. They are quirky and strange and give us a glimpse into the personalities behind the company. And the fact that you are bound to come across at least one of their signs every day means that chances are you will at least think of their name when considering storage options.

What actors can learn from this:

  • Your personality is what sets you apart. This business is filled with incredibly skilled performers. Chances are there is at least one other person out there who has the same caliber of talent and a similar look as you, making her just as much of a candidate for that role as you. But the thing that you have, your unique quality, is your personality…your heart. Lead with that in your marketing and you are bound to grab people’s attention.
  • Be everywhere. Don’t let people forget about you. Keep up with your contacts, send postcards, create a newsletter, check in with your old acting teacher. Just as MMS never knows which of those subway riders will be their next bit customer, you never know which of your many contacts will be the impetus for growth in your career. And the other important piece of this is that you never know what time is the right time. I’ve read those quirky posters on the subway for over 5 years, but it wasn’t until now that it made sense to utilize their services. Who knows? Maybe it’s that 20th auditon for Tara Rubin that books you your first Broadway show.

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Vh-1: Theo Katzman Honors Manhattan Mini Storage’s Famous Subway Ads in New Music Video!

November 13th, 2012 | 11:00 am

Theo Katzman Haunts His Ex Through Advertisements in “Hard For You” Video

by Rae Votta (@raevotta)

The curse of dating a musician is he or she might write a less-than-flattering song about you, but in the universe of Theo Katzman‘s latest video for “Hard For You” the Brooklyn-based performer whose sound is best described as a blend of indie and soul takes the threat just a step further, imaging a world where the uber-sucessful musician stalks his ex through the inescapable landscape of ever-present advertisements.

“The song was inspired by the idea of my girlfriend leaving me for a guy who makes more money, who seems more professional, who has his life together more than I do,” explained Katzman, who was formerly part of the dance-oriented band My Dear Disco. “In the song, I explain how, while this other guy may have his job and his money, I’m the guy with the soul. I’m the guy with the music.”

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A little topical humor for you guys…

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